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The last 15 years...


Out of college, I went with the safe bet. Get a job, work for a corporation, and get a good salary & benefits. What I didn't know was what mattered most to me. I had held odd jobs since the age of 14 and was raised to work hard & do good work. Working for someone else in a cubical all day, each day, asking for time off for vacation, not owning my schedule, and not in control of my income, much less the time spent in traffic to/from work...all of this was not for me. But most importantly, what I was doing was not for me. I was simply scratching a paycheck. It wasn't fulfilling but at the time, I was young and exploring. After a few years, I was introduced to a direct selling company where I could be my own boss and call my own shots. Bulls eye! Didn't matter what I was selling as long as I believed in it. Did I mention that before this moment in time, my self talk was "I can't sell anything" and marry that with full on anxiety attacks if I had to speak in front of people. Two critical components of this new solopreneur venture. I quickly was able to get out of my own way because I believed that the product would sell itself and it wasn’t about “me”. My why was to help other women look & feel their best = Serving! Through the years of building my business as a solopreneur, I was able to transition a part-time business to full-time (I had replaced my previous corporate income) at the three-year mark and never look back. I was calling my own shots = Goal Achieved. Luckily, I had partnered with a company in my solopreneur business that valued personal & professional development. So, my personal growth fed directly into my professional growth as the two go hand in hand. You have to know yourself to grow yourself! This growth is a journey, however it doesn’t happen overnight. What began as a dabbling of reading personal & leadership development books, attending development trainings, and seeking mentors that had gone before me, became a slight obsession. I wanted to know more and grow more. There were some pivotal moments through the process that propelled me in the direction of where God wants me to be. Whether it be tough leadership experiences, conversations that felt like divine intervention, or that “I’m almost 40 and I thought I would be further along than I am at this point”, I found myself waving my white flag of surrender saying “God, whatever you want for me let it be of you and not my own effort.” This was it! That ah-ha moment came to me. I am to help women discover the their potential and who they were created to be so that they can experience a freedom the way God intended this side of heaven. This is what has led me to where I am today a burning desire to help women get from where they are to where they want to be, similar to what I have experienced significantly over the last five years.

My Story

And why does she have a boy's name? -- The Back Story


Born a twin in a rural town in Texas, my parent's never had heard of the name Wesley, other than my mom's cousin who's neighbor was a little girl named Wesley. Mind you, this was in the 70s. When it came time for my mom to deliver a large baby boy, a tiny girl arrived. Oh wait..what?!?!? There's another in there. My sister was born 21 minutes later. Her name was Jacqueline. Fitting for her personality. Mine...well, let's just say I struggled in those trying tween/teen years but I learned to own the unique-ness and all the crazy looks or the extra security questions when dealing with finances and accounts over the phone.

More to the story...


I am a wife, mom of two kids ages 9 & 11, driven to live a full life, a dreamer, an adventurer, thrill-seeker, and God dependent most of all. My faith is #1 to me in this life I live because it is my guide, my north star each day.

A few years ago, I felt strongly about growing into and becoming who God wanted me to be. I began to evaluate my past experiences in life & business. Beginning on my a journey of giving myself permission to "Think".

Who am I? What's important to me? What are my gifts?

In my reflecting, all I saw were weaknesses and little to no self worth. That's where I had to start!

"Discover" - I realized I was living with zero self worth. It wasn't until I shed light on it that I began to realize how much it dictated my daily choices. That little voice saying "you aren't good enough" or that self doubt that creeps in to stop you in your tracks.

"Thrive" - In this personal growth journey, I now know that I am to help others in life & business get from where they are to where they want to be thriving towards their fullest potential.

We live in a world where we are reactive to our lives each day and most of society only realizes about 10% of their potential they were born with. What happens to the other 90%? Goes to waste? What if you were to discover even a portion of your untapped potential you were created with? Think about the possibilities.

Wesley Reece is a certified performance and leadership speaker, business coach and trainer who helps women become who they were created to be. 

Wesley Reece, Personal & Professional Development Coach

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